Bio SDS: Theory Outline

  • this source explain how when scientists would put a pigs pancreas into a diabetics body, it would reject but when the islets were implanted blood sugars began to stabilize. Fourtounas, C. (2013). Kidney, Pancreas and Islet Transplant Options for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy. Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism, 01(S9).
  • This website helps us understand islets and what happens to the body when other islets are transmitted into the body. Bloomgarden, Z. T. (2004). Transplantation and Islet Topics. Diabetes Care, 28(1), 213-219.
  • Using this source will help us understand more about a diabetics pancreas
    Bilous, M. (n.d.). Diabetes UK Study. Http://
  • To get a better understanding of diabetes
    Diabetes mellitus. (n.d.). SpringerReference.


what new questions do we have?

Do they conduct this procedure in Canada? if so where? what are the success rates?

What country has been more successful with this?

what Complication have come up ?

How fast do you start to see results?

why did the pigs islets work but not the whole pancreas?

What are your next steps?

to find background information, write up out report, make prototypes.



Biology SDS

For mine and Kendal’s SDS we are going to study the transplant between a pig pancreas and a diabetics body. Some researchers say that the body is starting to reject this pancreas so in other word other scientists have discovered that transplanting the pigs islets into the human pancreas is a better idea. We want to see why the human body rejects the pancreas but yet accept the islets that are still transferred from the same organ. Does genetics have anything to do with this? Or are pigs a lot more different from humans than we think?

Wayne Williams

I think that do to some of the evidence that was gathered on Wayne does make him guilty due to the fact that all of the murders stopped after he was convicted of the two murders and sent to prison. There are two different ways that you can look at this story when it comes to racial matter. Yes, all of the boys that were murdered were African American, but then again so was Wayne. He said that he was wanting to make a group that could sing, so he went up to poor and desperate young black boys asking if they would do something for him for money. Its like the problem that we are having with the missing and murdered indigenous woman. People think that they are so vulnerable because they are first nations and that no one will pat attention to their whereabouts or their case. So yes, I do that these cases were somewhat racially motivated. Yes I so believe that fiber evidence is enough to convict someone of murder. If a piece of fiber was found on a victims body and that piece was linked to a suspect, yes it makes them valid for the charge. Especially since they have found the same fibers in his house and in his own vehicle. On the victims body they were yellowish green fibers as well as purple ones found. Cops then found similar fibers in Wayne’s house. I think that they needed to reopen the other cases on the young boys and reevaluate the evidence.

My Environment

  1. I interact with the environment in many different ways. In the winter my family and I go out to our family farm and snow shoe around the yard and up the drifts that the wind has made. We also camp out there as we just turn the heat on in our camper and still have a fire and we would in the summer. Over our summer holidays we also go camping in the mountains or mostly in Banff national park. We go on trails all day everyday and see what nature has to offer as we hike through. When we were there it was amazing to be walking through where all of the waterfalls were and then an hour later we were walking on the frozen glacier water. Two completely different environment but also were both amazing to see. For me own environment I don’t like the cold, so I would have like a spring weather. I would have weather in the mid 20 degrees but also I like the rain. Living in Canada we obviously get our fair share of snow, but I still don’t overly like it. when I went to Vancouver and Banff the weather wasn’t to hot but it was still ” t-shirt” weather, but you still had the cool rainy most. These are the experiences that led me to love the rain and the sun at the same time. We can enjoy so many more things in nice weather, sure there is lost to enjoy in the winter, but for me I really enjoy the amount of things to do in the spring/summer.

Anthropocentric is the belief that says human beings are the central or most significant species on the planet.

Biocentric this is a stance in which asserts the value of non human life. its a concept of replacing physics with biology in our understanding of the universe.

Ecosentric this is an nature- centered rather than a human- centered system of values behind the earth.

Technocentric  value system that is centered on technology and its ability to control and protect the environment.

Ecofeminism describes the movements and philosophies that link feminism and ecology. “Feminine” values such as reciprocity, nurturing and cooperation, which are present both among women and in nature are a big factor in this.

I think that right now I lean more towards Anthropocentric, just because its was kind of what I was raised around, its what my parents believe and I was then taught that. I think that once we go more into this course I will lean more things about them and maybe my decision will change.




Integrative Nature

Biology– The study of life and living organisms living in our environment. This also relates to oceanography because they would study a new environment and the living organisms in it.

Chemistry–  This would study the composition and structure of the environment. . This would also relate the forensics, because we would be looking at the physical structure of blood and DNA .

zoology–  This studies the animal biology that live on our planet, the foods they eat, the way they live in our environment. . This can Also Relate to Biology, because its still living organisms on out planet that we could study.

Astronomy–  It studies the outside atmosphere of our earth  This could also relate to Earth science, because it is studying the outer atmosphere of the planet and the types of things that could come to planet earth.

Earth Science– Earth science deals with the fields of science that study our earth, and the historical part of our planet such as, plants, land, biotic and abiotic things. This can also relate to Zoology, because it is the study of animals in our environment and see the ways that things adapt to the planet.

oceanography–  Studies the environment that underwater species live in, such as the water, the habitats, plant life, biotic and abiotic things. This also related to Zoology because its different environments that animals live in that can be studied.

Forensics– You have to study the life around the body, such as plants, soil insects. Forensics can Also connect to biology, because we are taking our DNA and looking at the living and non living organisms in a crime scene. We can also re-make facial structured like 16 x 9 and we are using our genes and personal characteristics to do so.